Who We Help

Your situation is unique. True North Mortgage Solutions work with you and our trusted network of lenders, financial advisors , accountants and lawyers to find you the perfect finance solution. Whether you're just starting out, ready to upgrade your home, need some new equipment for your business or embarking on a new life journey - we've got your financing sorted.

First Home Buyers

You're a first home buyer ready to get onto the property ladder and move into your first home!we’ll make sure you get a competitive financing solution to start you on your journey.

The Home Renovator

You're ready to upgrade the master bedroom, add a new kids room or even add a whole other storey to your house. We'll help you find the loan that lets you upgrade your home.

Upgraders/Property Buyers

Ready to move out of your first/current property and get some more space or move location for an improved lifestyle? We’ll help you plan the logistics of financing this process and make sure you get the most suitable and competitive loan.


You’ve had your current loan for a while now and you’re not sure if you are getting the most competitive deal available to you. Or maybe your circumstances have changed, and you need to borrow additional funds or restructure your finances. At True North we will help you structure your lending, and get the most competitive home loan to suit your needs

Ready To Move On

A relationship or marriage breakup is never easy. We have a number of trusted family lawyers in our network and we can help you work out your borrowing capacity and assist with a finance application to pay out an ex-partner and keep your property.


Are you looking to start or add to a property portfolio as a way to build wealth? True North will get you the most competitive solution and make sure it’s structured in line with advice from your trusted accountant or financial advisor